Episode 1: Stu Saks

Hello, wrestling fans! It’s the long-awaited first episode of Shut Up and Wrestle, with Brian R. Solomon!

To kick things off, I had a chance to have a long chat with the legendary (and elusive) long-time publisher of Pro Wrestling Illustrated and it’s sister magazines, Stu Saks!

I’m glad Stu took some time out from his much-deserved retirement to look back on his career and just being a fan. If you were into those old-school magazines, you’re gonna love this glimpse behind the scenes of what made it all tick. Plus, Stu shares a bunch of stories of his early years as a fan, including being at MSG the night Bruno lost the title to Koloff (yes, you could hear a pin drop.)

I couldn’t ask for a better first guest, and I hope you’ll agree!

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